Micro Topping Concrete Floors - Pros and Cons

With the fact that topping makes it possible to create high strength floors, everything is clear, but the question arises, why should it be done? In principle, here, too, all is more or less clear, but in order to understand this better, you should familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of micro topping concrete floors.

Miro Topping Pros

  1. Floor topping improves the performance of the surface several times - such a floor does not wear out for a long time and can withstand very high loads from equipment and transport.
  2. Reinforcements, rubbed into concrete, repeatedly strengthen its strength.
  3. Simultaneously with the increase in technical and operational characteristics, the process of dust removal of the floor also takes place - the surface of the concrete ceases to deteriorate and, as a result, no dust sediment forms on it.
  4. Micro Toppings prevent the penetration of moisture inside the concrete - in the same way, they do not let it out. As a result, the floor maintains a stable level of humidity, so that concrete does not dry out and retains its strength characteristics for a long time.
  5. MicoTopping prolongs the period of using the floor many times.
  6. Saving the budget for the repair of the floor, because the topping floors for a long time do not need to be repaired.
  7. Saving on the finish - the topping floors have a very attractive appearance and do not need additional finishing.
  8. Elementary maintenance and care - there are almost no limits to the use of detergents and, in general, methods for cleaning a concrete floor reinforced with topping.

Micro Topping Cons

10Cons ? would you belive, there are none - it's the ideal floor for any industrial enterprise, where its operation is carried out with great intensity and under heavy loads. Among the shortcomings can be attributed unless the cost, which at first glance may seem very high - expensive materials themselves and expensive work on the device hardened concrete floors. In principle, floors of this type are worth such money - they pay off with a very long period of operation and all the advantages described above.

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