Contemporary Classics By Lixio

Lixio® Terrazzo flooring by Ideal Work gives your surface a sophisticated and opulent look that delivers high on quality.

Lixio® system uses varied size of aggregates (3-20mm) and a different installation technique, which conceptualises and transforms the modern day living spaces into a masterpiece.

Lixio® is the thicker version of Lixio® micro terrazzo system that reproduces the iconic, classic terrazzo floor for heavy duty usage like drive-ways, patio, convention centres, etc.


Endless Colors & Combinations With Terrazzo

Understanding the changing patterns, trends and demands in interiors and exteriors, Lixio® offers infinite combinations & customisations in size and color to suit individual taste and needs.

An amalgamation of elegance, opulence & charm, Lixio® is a combination of modernity and traditionalism. It’s aesthetic appeal coupled with its superlative material quality make it an enviable solution.

Eco Friendly With Terrazzo

Terrazzo floors are apt in every form as they are green, clean, durable and efficient. Developed from all natural elements and materials, Terrazzo Floors can be easily recycled.

Being hypoallergenic, these floors are non-porous, hence they do not accumulate water, dust, etc. thus eradicating possibilities of moisture, germs, insects, etc.


Natural Materials

Composed of natural elements such as recycled plastic, glass, processed cement, oyster shell, etc. it increases the longevity of the flooring.

Using valuable marble aggregates from any source, this feature is in demand to encourage ‘Renaissance’ and use of local materials. Ideal work does it to ensure that terrazzo retains its classic timeless look and also gains a new sustainable quality.

Why Choose Lixio

  • Easy to clean and to maintain
  • Low environmental impact
  • Endless color combinations
  • Application on both Exterior and interior
  • Finishing: Matte & Glossy
  • High wear resistance


1. Surface Preparation

2. Application of primer

3. Application of Lixio

4. Smoothing

5. Grinding

6. Grouting

7. Polishing

8. Sealer Application

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